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My name is Anissa, I'm a communication designer from Germany with a passion for UX and a love for UI.

Here's an overview of my favourite projects. Enjoy!


 Video Project 2019


One Human

"In a world full of prejudice, we would like to show with this installationhow unique and yet the same we as humans are. 

A transfer from uniformity to individual differences with the many faces of our nation."

Direction and Shootings by Anissa Cochran

Video-edit and Shootings by Yasemin Muarem

About this project

This Video-Installation shows how inclusive our world could be if we would not judge others by their appearance.

With the help of distortions and cropped video material of people with different complexions, we want to stress the message, that we all have similar features and understand a smile in the same contagious way.

We truly believe that there's no reason to be afraid of people based on their looks and want to encourage everyone to face their irrational fears and most likely get surprised.


 App Project 2018 


Thoughts on this
this project

 App Project 2017



Saving the world, bite by bite

The foodhero app gives a small introduction to the problematic issue of food waste in our world and sheds a light on how each and everyone can contribute to less food waste.

Supermarkets are obliged by law to dispose of food items that are past their due date. Days before their due date grocery stores offer special markdowns for those items. This is the chance for you to make an impact and buy the item before it gets thrown away.

Use the foodhero app to track down markdowns in your area. Get notifications when an item you have put on your grocery list is marked down and save food before it gets thrown away!

Save money,

save food

be a hero!

screen concept

foodhero features

  • Foodhero is an app that lives to prevent food waste. When initially starting the app it will give you a short introduction to the problem we face every day

  • Enter your location and start to look for markdowns right away! See something discounted? This is your chance to be a hero by posting a picture or writing a post about the marked down food in the foodhero community

  • Save money and save food by buying marked down food before it goes into the trash - every purchase contributes to the community counter!

  • Check out how you are taking care of our planet, by viewing your ecological footprint on your profile

  • Get notified if the community posts about groceries you need to buy anyway and are within your current area


 Digital Experience Project 2020


amsterdam arenA

Die Stadium Experience App ist ein App-Konzept aus zwei Komponenten. Ein Click-Prototype und ein webbased Augmented Reality Prototyp. In Kombination sollen diese das neuartige, dem Zeitgeist entsprechende, Stadium Tour Erlebnis anfassbar machen.

Im Click-Prototyp kann der User erfassen, was nach dem Ticketkauf, aber vor der Reise zum Stadium, passiert. Genauso wie während der Tour und nach der Tour. Diese drei Zustände sind für ein nachvollziehbares und positives User Experience, im Rahmen von den Stadium Tours, unabdingbar.

Der Augmented Reality Prototyp, repräsentiert ein Feature der App, namens "Explore". Dieses Feature bedient die Smartphone-Kamera des Tour-Teilnehmers und lässt ihn Orte aufsuchen, wo interaktives Material abgespielt werden kann. Das können Informationen zu bestimmten Räumen oder Objekten sein, oder auch Mini-Games mit anderen Tour-Teilnehmern.


dieses projekt war in zusammenarbeit mit



Scanne den QR Code um den Klick-Prototypen der App zu entdecken


Scanne den QR Code um die AR-Funktion der App zu öffnen


Hiro-Marker muss nach Freigabe der Kamera gut zu sehen sein







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Hi there!


My name is Anissa Cochran, and it's my passion to design digital experiences. I am currently writing my thesis in communication design in Germany, after finishing my internship at the Digital Society School in Amsterdam.

Living an American-German lifestyle, my intercultural inspiration lets me think outside the box in design and problem-solving. I take great interest in projects that represent a certain ethical mindset and empower people to take ownership of their life. ​

I hope you enjoyed my works.

I am always excited for new opportunities,
so let's get in touch!

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